Banquet Menu

Redlands Banquet Menu


Dos Hombres Burrito

(Beef, Bean or Combo)

Deli Tostada

(Beef, Bean or Combo)


(Beef or Chicken)

Taco Salad

(Beef or Chicken)

Stacked Enchiladas

(Beef, Chicken or Cheese)

Chicken Strips

(with Chili Con Queso or Sour Cream)

Build-Your-Own Combination

Select from the following items and build your own platter.

Any one item with beans and rice


Any two items with beans and rice

Beef Chili
Enchilada Relleno
Chicken Beef
Enchilada Tostada
Cheese Bean
Enchilada Tostada Guacamole
Beef Taco Tostada
Chicken Taco Tamale

Menu items and prices subject to change without notice.




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